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05-25-2012, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Wait, people are using Auxillary to Batteries now?

This isn't the STO I used to play anymore.

Mustrum "Should we rely on DOFFs to make a subpar power useful?" Ridcully
To be honest I never really thought it was all that bad a skill.... a bit miss understood... and not like most of the games other abilities that have Zero down side.

Whats the draw back of smacking
Emergency power to shields....
Tac Team

I would love to see a game where more skills had a down side... Emergency Power skills that have X chance to disable one of the none boosted system... oh ya

I sort of Miss that Overload used to have a chance to offline your weapons... Granted it was bugged to all hell... but if that worked right you have to admit that would be a great solution to s skill that is still somewhat borked... what if it had a chance to proc your own weapons off line... one at a time. (not all of them)

What if rapid fires and fire at wills did the same thing....

What if using a team skill lowered system power as crew transport around the ship... something like -5 all systems for 5 seconds when you activate them.

What if Transfer Shield Strength really did Transfer something form somewhere ? lol

I think the game could use more crap skills like aux to bat. (for the record I used it now and then before the doffs... to keep people guessing lol)

Oh man I could go one... how can you vent all that warp plasma and still have a running engine. should offline your engine 5 sec for a reboot after 10 seconds from the purge cycle or something.

I guess that sort of game will never happen still it would be more fun PvP wise I think.