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05-25-2012, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
Agreed! I'd love to see a good risk and reward system. We have a very basic and forgiving version now in that you may take one power at the expense of another, or using this console means you can't use that other one.

I think the P2W consoles need a negative effect, either passively or on use. The impulse capacitor might reduce engine power by 30 or 40 for a short time after use. Antimatter spread might reduce your own visibility of accuracy. Plasma leech might have a risk of overloading a system. Equipping Phaser resistance console might weaken you to a different energy type. Equipping Ablative armor might increase mass and flow you down or equipping a cloaking console reduces your hull total.

I don't know, a few extra minutes of thought from creative people could create some really interesting positive and negative interactions. But I liked the idea of Beam Overload taking that beam offline for a while.
I had a thread about that here in the PVP section talking about the P2W consoles and how they should be moved around, re-balanced etc. Negative Effects were part of that. HERE!!!