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05-25-2012, 08:26 AM
This is mostly a viewpoint issue. Players who are min-maxers will be unhappy with anything that isn't the tiptop of the teirs, and blast anything that might seem unequal to the best of the best of the best of the best for whatever part of the game they are playing (pvpers, usually).

But this is not just a numbers game, and a good part of it is what you like in a ship. There is nothing wrong at all with the Galaxy-R (and quite a few nice things). It has as many weapon slots as any T5 Fed ship (with the sole exception of the Gal-X's hardmounted Lance, which is constantly lamented at as being a waste), the same turn rate as the Gal-X and Oddy, similar abilities and mission profiles. It can stand alongside an Oddy, Excelsior-B, or Gal-X, and not feel like it doesn't belong in the same class.

What it does have is the distinction and hull design of a classic ship many players love. That these players can get an end-game version of their ship that can stand up to the highest levels of play in the game is only a bonus (players who love the Constitution, Miranda, NX classes don't get this option, for example). The real question is then if the Galaxy-class is your favorite Federation ship.

This is an MMORPG. What sets such a game apart from an MMO is that an MMO is, at its heart, only a wargame. An MMORPG is, at its heart, a RPG (Role Play Game for those unfamiliar with the term). What sets an RPG apart from other games is story and character. So your ship -isn't- the top-of-the-Line, supertech juggernaught that the Federation has spent the wealth of worlds to what? It's -your- ship, and it's what that ship means to you that will define your experience with it. To sum up in modern naval terms, the men who command Destroyers and Cruisers have their own stories to tell, and a good Carrier commander understands that those stories are just as important as his own (even if Fleet Command doesn't), and often of a different stripe and tone than those of his own ship. It isn't always the flagship of a fleet that performs the most heroic or important missions in peace or war.

So I will simply say this: Run the ship you love, and the ship you want to tell the story of. The ships are broken down by tier as an aid for players to guage what level of challenge the devs plan an encounter for, but ultimately the game is what you make it. A Galaxy-R can take on any mission another T5 cruiser can and perform well. If you love the Galaxy design more than any other T5 cruiser, then fly it and never doubt that you are flying -your- ship.

My two cents.