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Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
The problem isn't that it has a down side. The problem is that the upside is of such short duration that it is not really useful... certainly not useful enoujgh to waste a precious BO skill slot on it for a few seconds of adjusted power. If it was 20s, then you might concievably run two of them to basically nuke your Aux to bring up engine power (since you could use EPtS/EptW to keep up the other two instead.

The Duty Officer provides functionality based on the activation, rather than duration... that turns it into a useful skill again.
To be honest if they made it 20s I would stop using it.

10s is perfect... I wouldn't want to give up my aux system for longer then that.

For those that asked

Aux to bat
+ Weapon Power
+ Shield Power
+ Engine Power
Sets Aux Power to 5
Duration 10 S
Cool down 45 Seconds
Shares a global with Emergency Power to Systems.

(version 1 is around +33 power to all systems at a normal aux setting.. more if you crank it... however if you switch back your aux will drop under 5 and off line for the durration, which if you plan it right is no big deal anyway... at full 125 aux its not hard to go 125 Wep Shield and engines for 10 sec)

Technician Doff...
Reduces cool down of all Boff skills when you use Aux to Bat (including aux to bat itself)
Max effect... 30% reduction with 3 x 10% purple doffs.

Honesty its very very usable... anyone that says otherwise has never used it. Don't believe the Hype... Aux to bat has always been a good skill... its just not a dumb fire skill, like the games easier to use skills.