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Originally Posted by archer9234 View Post
The Gal R is a waste because it doesn't have all the functions of what the show used it for. Why can't we use the Saucer? Antimatter spread? Why can't I abandon my stardrive and beam over Avoiding death. Why can't I stay in the sections unlimited times. Why is there a stupid 5 minute cool down. Don't mention Generations. They had to evacuate the whole stardrive in 5 minutes. Not just transfer personnel. Why no Battle Bridge interior? It's a **** poor ship for these reasons. You're better off with a Odd.
And, of course, the Odyssey has all of these

Seriously, you won't fly any ship in STO if you expect every ship to be able to do everything you saw some writer have the Enterprise (whichever version) do at some point in the series. No, you can't go find a sun and slingshot around it to destroy your PVP target back when they were level 1. No, you can't channel the entire output of the ship's engines into an insta-kill beam from your deflector array. No, you can't do the Picard Manuever or have phase cloaks.

But you also don't have to roll up a new character and purchase a new ship when your current one is destroyed. You don't have spend weeks in a repair yard or hospital when you are injured. You don't have to explain to your superior officer why you thought attacking a Klingon ship would be 'fun and challenging, and would be l33t!', and why you should be considered an Officer at all. And you certainly don't have to accept whatever ship Starfleet assigns you and do whatever missions they send you on without an option to decline.

So perhaps the things in the game that are sacrificed to gameplay and balance aren't so bad?