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05-25-2012, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I glanced at a costume save file to debug.

I think the problem all around may relate to the fact that Marauding BOs are technically all new species.

Because of the way factions work, they can't just drop an existing human into the KDF faction. They have to create a new species, a Klingon Empire Marauding Human. (I assume they specified Marauding to leave open the possibility of Klingon humans or Ferengi through other means while flagging Marauding BOs as "group unique" once that tech is installed, which may allow dismissing and reclaiming these BOs at the vendor down the road.)

What this means is that it's effectively a brand new species with copy-pasted permissions for things like traits, skills, and costume data. At present, this means that the permissions don't allow dressing up the marauding BO in a KDF uniform but also aren't properly allowing for an off-duty outfit, which was changed in the S5 code merges and is faction specific. This created issues that would not have existed if they were just allowed to wear Starfleet uniforms like their corresponding diplomatic counterparts.

All in all, I can say with some certainty that the simplest but least satisfying short term fix would be to flag these BOs to use KDF uniforms and, longterm, work on the tech to allow a costume slot dropdown that gives some BOs access to off duty costumes. (A side benefit might be that Diplomatic BOs could get Starfleet uniforms in the future and Cryptic could do cool things in the future like having MACOs with the option to wear MACO gear.) I'll also note that this does very little for non-customizable BOs like the Breen or Reman as those costumes are architecturally different, not being player costumes.

What would people think about that as a quickfix? Having Marauding BOs wear KDF uniforms for now with a longterm goal of allowing Marauding BOs to wear off-duty costumes and Diplomatic BOs to wear Starfleet uniforms?

I realize I'm speaking for Cryptic but I've intuited a lot about their engine and database architecture.
I'd prefer letting Marauding boffs wear Starfleet uniforms as well as above mentioned stuff while Diplomatic ones can wear Starfleet uniforms and their KDF ones! (I have a Klingon captain who I'd like to 'translate' into a Diplomatic boff, however it's impossible to make a Klingon Diplomatic boff D: )