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05-25-2012, 12:30 PM
So CSE had a fun one today.

I'm a carrier, and this is honestly my second time doing CSE *Last time I tried guarding kang with one other, ended up fail and that was a friends group). So I mention this, and ask what setup they want my hangers to be in. 2 advanced bops, 2 syphons, or 1/1. Or even shield repair shuttles.

Guy goes "2 bops, then for final boss swap to syphons." He then goes one of those order of kills, and I swear I see "MM" at start. Anyway, so we go smoothly, probes in middle are destroyed and I start moving off. Vo'quv's of course, take a while to turn and I end up going toward left as it's closer. My four advanced birds of prey continue attack run as I hit recall. THEY pop the cube, then everybody starts ranting about how "Some idiot popped the cube!"

I go, kinda sarcastically "Forgive me that my birds of prey didn't retreat the second I told them to." and they still go on about how an idiot popped the middle cube.

Best part? We still got optional without any problems. And that wasn't a pug, that was an elitestf channel group.

Edit: Lesson I say to take from this? don't ***** at a carrier captain just cause their pets do something massively stupid. ESPECIALLY if everything remains under control. I'd accept their *****ing if let's say, they got swarmed and lost optional. But the kang NEVER took damage the entire match.