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So, I've been using the steam version of the game since it went free to play. This has made it pretty easy for me to use the steam wallet to buy CP.

Enter today's sale. I attempt to do the same, and it redirects me to PWE's site. Considering how much of a foulup PWE's payment site is (And considering I have $50 sitting in my steam wallet already) I will not be going with that payment option.

The problem:
STO and Steam have become decoupled. I launch STO from steam, get into the launcher window, and shortly after I hit "Engage" just exactly when it swaps to the Cryptic window, I get dropped from the steam overlay. As a result the game doesn't shunt me into steam to buy CP, and I can find no other way to do the transaction.

Steam shows that I have 30odd hours of playtime in the last two weeks, which makes the culprit patch for breaking things the thursday the 17th patch.

So could we get this fixed? And in a manner I still get my bonus CP?