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Short Term -
1) Bank Storage that can be shared by all your characters.
2) Easy to use email that allows you to save 'Favorites' and offers a drop down list for both to whom your emailing and the 'Topic'. INCLUDING your other characters on the same account (both Fed and Klink factions)
3) Allow your characters to easily transfer their Bridge Officers to your other characters for Training.

1) Bank Storage that players can customize so they can separate Ground and Space gear, or Purple items separate from Blues and Greens, etc. While the 'Total' Bank storage would still be fixed, allow players to make 'Tabs' and then label so they can organize their storage.
2) Fleet Map - show the locations of all your Fleet Members on the Galaxy Map. Use a hoover over cursor to see details (sector, system, instance) Point and click cursor to send a private IM.
3) Starship Storage Depot - Allow players to put some of their ships into 'storage' (not on their Dockmaster list) but then allow them to recall those ships from storage. This can be done for a small 'transaction fee' (Dilithium?) Even better would allow all characters on the same account (Faction specific of course) to recall ships in storage to other characters. Limits would be based upon level.

Long Term
1) Warp Cores power Warp Engines, Reactors power Impulse Engines, Generators power other Ship Systems including Weapons.(Some would argue that the Weapons get powered off the Warp Core but after the lesson in ST:TMP you would figure Starfleet would figure out that was a BAD idea). EPS channels power throughout the ship. Computer Core(s) are another unique system to starships. All these should be added to starship design as customizable just like Deflectors, Impulse Engines and Shield systems. This allows player's a much greater degree on customizing their ships, within limits. Say you can't put a Mark XII Warp Core on your Tier 1 ship, ships would have a limit to the minimum and maximum capability on each 'Component'.
2) Re-traiting your Duty Officers - Allow players to remove and add traits to Duty Officers. This should not be easy but at least feasible. There could be a limit, say you can remove only one trait you don't like and only add one trait you want per Duty Officer. To do this you have to 'Earn' a special Re-Trait' token. You could make those 'Tokens' specific to the Duty Officer's Specialization or specific to that 'Trait' you want to change.
3) More NPC Races - There are thousands of races in the Federation (and likely many conquered ones in the Klingon and Romulan Empires). While the 'Alien Captain' option does allow the player to customize the appearance and capabilities of those characters, we should have more options for our Bridge Officers and Duty Officers. Horta Engineer? Tholian Tactical Officer? Binar (pair) Science Officer(s)? Many of these races could bring a special ability to their position.