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05-26-2012, 01:22 PM
turrets in front? really?

i would say put the assimilated console in an engi slot, and get 3 phaser relays

get 3 neutronium and switch one for the cloak each time u need it.

i would remove the turrets completely and put in beam arrays and run FAW 1 instead of BO1

also a third beam instad of a second torpedo tube in the back.

Also the EPtA 2 times makes no sense to me, to have one i could understand, but why dont use EPtW, get the 5% dmg buff+15% when coming out of cloak, fire lance would make actually a decent alpha strike followed by a BO1.

instead i would use aux batteries or buff your alpha even more with a weapons battery and the DOFF that gives some +% to dmg for 10 sec when using the weapon battery.

fun Team Play in PUG groups
never seen that to be a team play...rather everybody for himself