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05-26-2012, 07:04 PM
Go all beams. turrets arnt worth it unless you are using a build working your front 90 for things like GW and similar.
Ditch the torps all you fighters have torps or equivalents. If you really want a torps go for a big one like a tricobalt, breen cluster, or similar.
I personally prefer phasers, but the damage type you run doesn't matter to much.

Full MACO is pointless. 3pc Borg + shield of choice (MACO likely the best option).

For fighters there are only really 3 that matter.
Runabouts. good for both pvp and pve, usually one hangar is enough unless you are going full on tractor troll.
Peregrines. good for pve dps, workable for pvp dps/phaser spam.
Stalkers. Good pvp dose/shield busters. There aux draining is rather useful swell specialy against other carriers.

Personally I run 1x runabout 1x peregrine for pve and 1x runabout 1x stalker for pvp.

Only use the blue fighters, don't even bother with greens unless you have to.