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05-26-2012, 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by LtSmith
Ok I just bought the Atrox and was wondering what kind of set ups would be good for STFs.

Fore weapons: Anti-Proton beam array, Tetryon beam array, Quantum Torpedo. (All Borg and mk xi)
Aft weapons: Anti-Proton beam array, Tetryon beam array, Anti-Proton turret. (All Borg and mk xi)
Deflector: MACO mk xii
Impulse: MACO mk xii
Shields: MACO mk xii
Hanger: Peregrine fighters (green quality) or Danube Runabouts (green quality)

I am wondering if anyone knows any good fighter ships for the hanger I have been debating between Advanced Danube or Advanced Peregrine. Also I am wondering if someone knows good weapon set ups. I am good on Bridge officer powers and engineering consoles donít need advice on that.
yeah to be honest most of your DPS is going to be from your fighters, your weapons are actually going to be your secondary damage source. I would focus mainly on getting your BOFF sci skills up, healing, and AOE Crowd Control abilities like Gravity Well and Tykin's rift.

in terms of your fighters I noticed Danubes and Peregrines do pretty well, with the Danubes using tractor beam and the peregrines doing DPS.

and try to keep you fighters alive.

I wish Cryptic would put in a Pet Control panel, much like the team panel where i can keep track of the stats of each fighter shield and hull, and be able to click and heal accordingly. Plus a dismiss command to watch my pets land on the carrier would be a nice touch.

as far as set use the 3pc Borg + Aegis, technically you can use what ever shield you want, but I like Aegis.