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05-26-2012, 09:24 PM
Originally Posted by NexusDragoon View Post
buy all the blue ones different fighters for different jobs
" Role Fighter Squad Weapon Projectile Abilities
Attack Type 10 Shuttles 3 Phaser Polarize Hull
Attack Advanced Peregrine Fighters 3 Phaser Quantum
Multirole Advanced Danube Runabouts 2 Phaser Chroniton Tractor Beam
Multirole Advance Delta Flyers 2 Phaser Transphasic Tachyon Beam
Support Reinforced Shield Repair Units 2 Shield Heal, Reinforced Hull
Stealth Advance Stalker Fighters 3 Tetryon Placate, AUX Drain, Antiproton Sweep, Stealth"
Why? I'd suggest getting one adv Peregrine Fighter to pair with an Adv Stalker. That is your general purpose fighter setup for STF and the like. I like an ADV Delta Flyer for PVE mission, and I play with a type 10 in normal missions against the borg. I haven't tried the shield RU yet, and although I hear they're good, I haven't needed them.