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05-26-2012, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by LtSmith
Thanks for all the input and I have noticed that the Borg set is really helping a lot with survivability a lot more than my MACO set was doing.

Also does anyone have a particular boff and console set up that is ok for STF's.
treat the carrier like a sci ship, since it is. Find and get Gravity Well 3 is you can, but use gravity well. Find a Doff Gravimetric Scientist highest rarity you can, with the ability to create aftershock gravity wells.

this will allow you to not only immobilize several targets, but pull them together so your pets can swarm and focus fire.

I would use Tyken's Rift, with scramble sensors and healing abilities. Also Keep in mind, you are Carrier, which means you can engage a target outside of the 10 KM limit with your fighters, use that to your advantage.