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05-26-2012, 08:39 PM
You can do everything except the Constitution and be okay for endgame. There is a mission "Everything Old Is New" where you can quickly repeat it (takes like 15 minutes) and get level-appropriate retro phaser banks, so when you're at Vice Admiral they'll be Mk XI and as good as any regular end-game weapon. The mission "Night Of The Comet" rewards retro phaser pistols and phaser rifles for arming your bridge officers, again level appropriate. So you can get up to Level 50, then run those missions a half dozen times each, and be ready to go.

For your ship though, the original Constitution just can't cut it beyond level 20. Some people might like to fly it anyways, but you'll have only a fraction of the firepower, equipment, and powers the end-game expects you to have. However, as mentioned above, the Excelsior Retrofit (the 1600-point one, not the 800-point version) is quite retro styled and is a match for any endgame cruiser, Odyssey included. Plus if you buy it when you hit 40, you can switch to it immediately and save your relevant ship token for if you ever someday decide to try out an escort or science ship besides.