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05-26-2012, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
There are people who reccomend

EPtW1 > RSP1 > EPtS3 > AtSIF3
EPtW1 > DEM1 > EPtS3

But personally I'm not a fan. (EPtW = Emergency Power to Weapons.) Runing the 4 cooldowns in sequence can be a little tiresome unless you want to run Keybinds, and I'm still having issues with that.
I highly recommend chaining EPtW1, EPtS3, AtSIF3 and TT1 (two copies of each save AtSIF3). What I do personally is I set up the keybinds to constantly spam one row of my tray and link that (and fire all energy weapons) to my spacebar. Unfortunately this has caused some issues for one of my toons (I can't get the seventh slot to trigger so no AtSIF3). However, even without that, the other six make me a VERY tough nut to crack.

I would consider carrying Engineering Team 2, as a side note. You'd have to ease up on your other 'Team' powers since they share a cooldown, but a properly timed ET2 can save your butt or someone else's. Short of Miracle Worker, it is AFAIK the best burst heal in the game (except, of course, ET3).