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05-27-2012, 01:41 AM
Cool thanks for the feed back guys and gals

Naturally I'll be holding onto the ToS for as long as possible, it might last abit longer seeing as my brother and I are going around together, him in an NX class flying yellow decoration. ("In a mirror darkly" eat your heart out.)

So we'll see how long we can last, but I will probably take the refit excelsior if things get a bit out of hand... have to admit, it's a shame the ToS Connie can't hack it through to end game, sure I never expected it to do fleet actions or PvP but doing the missions would have been nice.

I'm hoping that us going around in a pair will help us correct the lack of weapons a little bit, maybe help us last longer.

These characters are just for abit of nostalga, I've got a Commander Federation and a high ranking General Klingon character for serious play so... you know, why not Kirk it?

Thanks again,
A 23rd century gal.