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05-27-2012, 05:23 AM
Advaced Stalker Fighters perform extremely well in elite STFs. If set on intercept, they can pretty much shut down tactical cube's damage (taking out torpedos and disabling targetting overall).

Also, note that the Thoron Devices are actually torpedos, and as such deal kinetic damage (when comparing them to peregines, it's good to know they're not torpedoless).

As for turrets, you might wanna consider using enough beams to use your subsystem attacks and take turrets for the remaining slots. This will help your firing arc tremendously, as well as proc more often. As stated, your own damage is rather weak so you won't be losing much (with the extra arc, you may even gain some dps overall).

Finally, I personally use an Energy Siphon build which works well with the slow turnrate, and it does pretty well for me.