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05-27-2012, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by AgentExeider View Post
I wish Cryptic would put in a Pet Control panel, much like the team panel where i can keep track of the stats of each fighter shield and hull, and be able to click and heal accordingly. Plus a dismiss command to watch my pets land on the carrier would be a nice touch.

as far as set use the 3pc Borg + Aegis, technically you can use what ever shield you want, but I like Aegis.

yes, i'd like something similar from city of heros, their Masterminds could dismiss and resummon pets at will, but the way fighters and stuff are set, it would be harder or should i say, more pointless as right now when you launch a new wing, it just despawns the old one, now if there was a "bring all wings to max" kind of button, i would like the idea of dismissing single fighters that are badly damaged.