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05-27-2012, 09:19 AM
you are dead on why ppl refuse to play 5 v 5...5 ships focusing on 1 has no chance, is usually dead in under 10 seconds and every time that players returns he is immediately focused on again and popped ....noone wants to fly for 10 seconds and then stare and a re-spawn timer over and over again...not only that but most pvp'ers are outright mean, in many cases the new players find themselves under a verbal barrage of insults.

Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
I take it then you advocate ganking players... and we wonder why itís open season on premades

Suggesting a tactic like this is meant to swell the dismal PvP numbers? It's one of the primary causes of new players to PvP being overwhelmed not to play again.