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05-27-2012, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by Red_1999
I highly recommend chaining EPtW1, EPtS3, AtSIF3 and TT1 (two copies of each save AtSIF3). What I do personally is I set up the keybinds to constantly spam one row of my tray and link that (and fire all energy weapons) to my spacebar. Unfortunately this has caused some issues for one of my toons (I can't get the seventh slot to trigger so no AtSIF3). However, even without that, the other six make me a VERY tough nut to crack.
I personally don't like running two TT1's on a Cruiser just because it uses up so many slots. And a good Conn Officer can get it down to almost as fast as chaining two.

I run Projectile, Conn (TT) Conn (EM, Warp Theroist (Bonus power on EPtX) and Shield Distro. I'd drop the Evasive if I could think of a better guy. I've thought about doubling up on Shields and Torps but just don't find myself using the ability enough to justify it.

Red what DOFFs do you run?