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05-27-2012, 10:44 AM
Originally Posted by drkfrontiers
It's one of the primary causes of new players to PvP being overwhelmed not to play again.
My comment is not limited to STO PvP and applies to PvP in any game:

Many to One targetting is a valid tactic that ensures enemies are removed from the battlefield quickly. If that means taking a weak opponent out first, then so be it. Decreasing OPFOR numbers increases your team's chance of killing the next target.

Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of your post. Perhaps you meant continuous griefing of a weak target? I will agree with you there. But Mav's post does not suggest griefing. In fact, he goes further to suggest that OPFOR is in actual team-mode - note the sentence where he states:
Originally Posted by Mavairo
...once a large amount of heals and resistances come into the target (but before they can fully repair said target ideally)...
What he described was a true Many vs Many engagement where one team is on the offensive and the others react with defensive heals etc.