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05-27-2012, 02:10 PM
I have all terran empire TOS uniforms for my fed character and boffs. so for my ships i try and think of warship battleship or war like names.

USS Yamato my miranda class named after the battleship yamato from wwII that was the biggest at the time i

USS Imperial Terran my constitution class ship again because i am huge fan of Terran Empire

USS Imperator latin for warlord and name of terran empire ship in a novel

USS Potemkin famous russian ship during the communist revolution my excelsior class ship

USS Havoc my cheyenne class named after chaos and mayhem or cry havoc! let loose dogs of war phrase

USS Hyperion named after the Titan who was powerful my galaxy class ship also a comic book character

USS Banshee my defiant refit from the c store named after the irish legend in some counties of ireland if you hear her scream or sweet song it means you are about to die

USS Omerta my Soverign class ship omerta is an italian blood oath

IKS Gortong was my first bird of prey ship random name not sure what it means sounds klingon

IKS Klothos II my Kor't'tinga battle cruiser from the c-store i love it ! named after Kor's ship from the animated series and was referenced in DS9 by Dax