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05-27-2012, 07:08 PM
I can't understate how important this sticky is for Fed PvP'ers. This is of huge importance for the ones that decide to stick with cruisers in Fed PvP. I understand how many want traditional cruisers when playing as the Feds. But Aux Power means sooooo much for their durability in PvP. PvPing both sides as Fed & KDF, it's highly distressing to see Fed cruisers get zapped in seconds. I understand if you're outrageously outnumbered, but getting destroyed in less than 5 seconds against even less than a handful players should never happen when using sturdy Fed cruisers.

Polarize Hull - Sci ability. Not a heal but strong all damage resist, as well as tractor immunity. You don't even need PH3 to make it really effective, but this is a very nice defensive boost when you feel you're about to get hit really hard. You don't even need to sink XP/points to make it strong. Just more Aux Power.

Aux Power to Structural Integrity Field (ASIF) - IMO, one of the best heal / defense abilities you can get in the game. It repairs your hull and gives a strong all damage resist. Something to keep in mind that multiple copies of ASIF is useless, since they share the exact same cooldown. All you need is the best you can get for ASIF and have a single copy.

The above 2 are my favorite for defense. There's more out there to help in your resists and such, not to mention what Aux Power will do for Sci defenses like Transfer Shield Strength. Hazard Emitters, a Sci ability, has a small hull repair HOT and resist bonus as well. There's others out there, but Aux Power will help in so many ways to Cruisers.

On a related note, you can still throw in a copy of Extend Shields to boost the defenses of a closeby ally who's getting battered. One of the things you will notice if you are tough to take down is that you will get ignored for easier targets. But throw Extend Shields to a nearby ally and now you're presenting problems to the opposition. And Ext.Shields will not conflict in cooldowns with stuff like Polarize Hull and ASIF.

But again, if you're a Fed Cruiser and not strong in Aux Power with the appropriate Eng/Sci abilities, you are weakening yourself badly.

A Fed tactical or assault cruiser should be a stalwart in battle. There's little nuances between the two, but they both can be built to last. Even more so if you're an Engineer captain. Any Federation cruiser can be a tough nut to crack without alot of concentrated effort. And their presence should boost the survival of nearby allies.

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