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05-27-2012, 08:29 PM
I have the Atrox and in general its a good ship.

Though the price of the ship and what you get from it leaves something to be desired.
The voquv is FREE, simply use your standard rank up token and Congrats.
The karfi is only 1600cp, for this price you get what is generally considered the best carrier in game. This price includes TWO unique hangars and a console.

So the Atrox with its 2000cp price tag? Only one special hangar, no console, no bridge, no special ability/unique feature. It is basically a 2000cp voquv, aka a free ship.

Now one might argue that all fed hangars are currently unique to the Atrox, which is true "for now". As soon as another fed ship that has a hangar slot or two shows up all the Atrox has are the stalkers.

I can understand not wanting to give the feds the "best" carrier. Though why not let one of the LtComms be a universal slot so it has a broader appeal? Why not give it more fluff for it's premium price tag like a special interior. Why not give it a unique frigate like its klink counterparts have? We still don't have fed flight deck doffs yet.... How about a special console just like EVERY other 2000cp ship has?

Right now I have the ship, I have fun with the ship, but for the price there just should have been more to it.