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I have had trouble submitting tickets for practicly the entire time i have been on the game. The gm's get them and are able to reply, but 90% of the time either the tickets do not show, or show but will not display the gm message no matter how many times i refresh.

I repeatedly ask for tickets to be replied to via mail system due to this bug (which i sent a bug report in about over half a year ago and is still not fixed. Yes i know there are problems, yes i know to submit a bug report about the issue, so stop telling me it is a case of i need to send a bug report, i know, i have done it, and i know they do not get personal responses

Now i know gm's can mail players as i have had mails from gm's before. Plus in the latest tickets which covered everything in the tickets i have not been able to see tjhe response to. I explained about tnot being able to see either tickets or responses asked em to reply via mail.

Just now logged back in n they have replied vvia the ticket system, despite the fact i have told them repeatedly it is not working right on my account, and suprise suprise no matter how many times i refresh i can still not see the response, so i edited the ticket tried to explain it again, made it clear i am not expecting responses to bug reports, justr that ticket replies need routing via mail. Not that i think it will help as i explained that in the origional ticket so they do know.

I even tried posting in the bug forums about my issues since i cannot get a response, figured that way might be better, what a suprise i don't recieve a reply.

All i damm well want i a replly tht i can read so that i know where i stand on a certain issues regarding california buisness code section 17500. Tell me i will get em back, tell me tough ywe have your money and your not getting it back, tell me it is being sorted but will take time. Just for once give me an answer that i can actually see and read for a change. Why do you think i ask for replys via mail system, cuz i first reported the ticket problem both in ticket form and in bug report form. But i guess cryptic is too busy pushing this game towards pay to win and releasing only stuff they can make money on for most part, guess fixing the support system for your customers just is not a concern since there is no profit in it.