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05-28-2012, 04:38 AM
the absolute worst part in this is, i am a gm on other games, n if someone asked me to reply via mail system due to a bug i do. If items go missing or are wasted due ti buggy item's or services i return what they lost within 5mins of getting their message. PLease note i am not telling gm's how to do their jobs i am just pointing out that i know from my own experiance the customer suport coding needs looking at and sorting. ONly been 6 months since i sent in a bug report about not being able to get support due to this bug, and yet it is still here.

Yes it was accidental, but the fact remains that keys were bought by people to open falsly advertised boxes, be it accidental or not people are intitled to their keys back in my opinion.

I'm already pretty certain what the response will be (if i ever get one i can read), something along the lines of the keys work fine so nothing was sold falsly advertised. But since the boxes which are the onlt thing the keys are used for clearly were, then it is, but i'm sure you'll use the technicality to keep my money and not refund my items. If your not gonna have the decency to give em back, at least have the decency to give me a honest answer.