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05-28-2012, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by conceptz82
I have had trouble submitting tickets for practicly the entire time i have been on the game. The gm's get them and are able to reply, but 90% of the time either the tickets do not show, or show but will not display the gm message no matter how many times i refresh.

I repeatedly ask for tickets to be replied to via mail system due to this bug (which i sent a bug report in about over half a year ago and is still not fixed. Yes i know there are problems, yes i know to submit a bug report about the issue, so stop telling me it is a case of i need to send a bug report, i know, i have done it, and i know they do not get personal responses
And yet I was told by Branflakes that the ingame ticket system works fine....

You could always send in an email directly:

That's been suggested a number of times and is separate from the ingame system. Or so they say.