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# 1 You won't be borg
05-28-2012, 08:58 AM

I'm glad to tell you that I've just published my first mission. This is a combat-oriented one, although it's driven by a plot I hope you will enjoy. There are character interactions, but not with NPCs. Your bridge officers may appear as people now.

The difficulty is average, I played it by mistake in elite, and made it. It should take about 25 or 30 minutes, i didn't want to make unending waves of ennemies.

There may be some mistakes, since i'm not a native english speaker, so, any tips are welcome.

The begining of the plot is inspired from a TNG episode, since it involbes a ship graveyard and someone doing silly stuff with them.

Title: You won't be borg (1/2 released atm)
Author: diogene0
Faction: Fed
Level: 43+