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05-28-2012, 03:51 PM
Worst STF experience? ... Easy, anytime that I'm being told what to do by someone in an online computer game.
I mean seriously?? ... It's an internet game for gawd's sake!
atleast we all know you don't have the chatwindow closed! But srsly, how should anybody know, who in the team is experianced, or even knows the tactics?
a little explanation from one in the grp, or even tell you where you should go, if he got the feeling you are lost is in order.

it's an internet game, but still, i rather shout out commands to somebody that is at the wrong spot or doing something wrong, than having 15 min of my life utterly wasted because of that person.

just today, i pointed out to another player with 4 red injuries on his ship, that he might want to bring repair parts to an elite stf.
he responded "thx for the tip"...and when i wanted to tell him where he could buy them, i discovered that he allready ignored me^^