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05-28-2012, 04:36 PM
I would like to request a few tweaks to the DOFF User Interface;

1) Put a different colored border (perhaps red) around missions in the list that will result in the loss of a Duty Officer. I encountered several Federation Duty Officer assignments recently that I had not encountered before (either they were new or this was my first time reaching the end of some arcs), and due to the amount of descriptive text in the mission, the red text warning you that your duty officers would be removed was not actually visible without scrolling down. This cost me my Engineering Exocomp (which I am hoping I can reclaim during the next Junior Officer Appreciation Weekend), but putting a red border around those assignments that remove DOFFs regardless of quality would put my mind at rest.

2) Add a tab to the Duty Officer User Interface that lists the specializations and the number of each type of Duty Officer (ie. Advisor x3, Armory Officer x5). This would be extremely useful when deciding what duty officers to dismiss or reassign.

3) Add an option (ie. a check box somewhere) to hide Duty Officers during the "Reassign Underperforming Duty Officers" if they are the last duty officer of that specialization.