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05-28-2012, 06:32 PM
I solo things in Elite Empire Defense missions without KHG. Now, I haven't tried this in Elite STFs, but I wouldn't do that to my teams when I have a perfectly good Vo'quv.

You need 3x Warhead Yield consoles. Running multiples of the same Torpedo type is going to cause cooldown issues, so Warhead Yield is what you need for Tac consoles.

Starter torpedo config?

Photon Torpedo Launcher (more affordable than Quantums, but you need Quantums eventually)
Chroniton Torpedo Launcher (the slowdown helps you)
Rapid Fire Transphasic Launcher (free! If you run 2x Breen set, this gets a slight boost)
Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher

Quantum or Chroniton Mine Launcher (doesn't break cloak, unlike Torpedos)
Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher


If you have the Bio-Neural Warhead, that needs to go in somewhere. The Mine Launcher can be dumped for something, maybe a Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher, so you don't think about aiming much.


I actually use Sci abilities, so all my Sci slots have Particle Generators and/or Graviton Emitters. My Borg Universal console is in Engineering.

I use an RCS console to buff turn rate, but some people might not choose that.

As for other starter gear... the Aegis Engine is meant to run at full speed, so that's what I'd recommend. I use a Sci-type Deflector (something with good Particle & Graviton). Shields? You're unshielded most of the time, so whatever you feel like is good here. Breen items complicate it slightly if you want to use a Rapid Fire Transphasic launcher.

There's nothing I'd really recommend (pre-STF) except the Aegis, which seems to be made for cloaked Torpedo Boats.