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05-28-2012, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
it's an internet game, but still, i rather shout out commands to somebody that is at the wrong spot or doing something wrong, than having 15 min of my life utterly wasted because of that person.

just today, i pointed out to another player with 4 red injuries on his ship, that he might want to bring repair parts to an elite stf.
he responded "thx for the tip"...and when i wanted to tell him where he could buy them, i discovered that he allready ignored me^^
I agree.

It seems like if you try to say anything in a PUG people take it very personally and most likely will just ignore your advice. It is a game, but you are part of a team working towards a reward. It's not really fair to the other players if you just want to do your own thing regardless of the situation.

Anyways been running space STF's all weekend on my new FED eng and have had allot of bad missions. It seems the newest tactic is to stay 9km away from everything and do almost no damage. I have been on multiple teams now where I am the only player willing to go within the 5km range. Awesome when groups of spheres or a tactical cube exclusively focus fire on you for minutes at a time, while your team sits on the sideline hurling rocks.

Have also run a few missions where the option is lost and people are more concerned about finding someone to blame rather than finish the mission. Witnessed a few shouting matches that ended in a fail. Going to blame all of this on the holiday weekend and hope things get better tomorrow.