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Been playing around for fun with an escort torpedo boat. Seems to be working well so far in PVP, but needs to upgrade to a T5 ship (as lacks hull)

T4Tactical Escort

Breen Set
Forward: Disruptor Beam Array, Breen Cluster Mine Torp, 2 x Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp
Aft: 2 x Rapid Fire Transphasic Torp
Eng: 2 x Neutronium XI
Sci: Emitter Array xi, Emitter Amplifier xi
Tac: 3 x Trans Compressor Mk xii

Tac: TorpSpread1, TorpHY2, TorpHY3, AP:O
Tac: TacTeam1, B:FAW2
Sci: HazEm1, TSS2
Eng: EngTeam1, RSP1

Purple Proj, Blue Proj, Green DC, Green Warpcore,

I really need to upgrade to a Fleet Escort as I die (after 20 mins or so) to lack of crew and hull (Hargh'peng torps are the bane of this ship).
Cruisers and Sci ships really don't like it, as I don't care what the shield hp/repair/damage reduction is; bleedthrough on the hull is the goal.

Any BOff or console suggested tweaks? (I'll have Assimilated Console by tomorrow). I'm considering replacing one of the breen set, as I only need the two piece for the damage buff.