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05-28-2012, 10:31 PM
I've toyed around alot with the B'Rel Torpedo Boat. Mind you, the gear I outfitted on the ship isn't final, it's a WIP. Since I'm a returning player, I don't have all the new, high end stuff. So beginning with the experiment, I toyed with common, easily available stuff. First things first, my character is a Science officer. But here's what I had to start with.

Starting Out
Commander - SCI - Transfer Shield Strength 1, Polarized Hull 2, Gravity Well 1 and 3
LtCmdr - TAC - High Yield Torpedo 1 & 3, Torpedo Spread 1
Lt - ENG - Eng 1, Engineer Team 2
Lt - ENG - Engineer Team 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2
Comments: This was the first thing that I finalized with. Big emphasis on Science to hold / slow the target down and hopefully, distract them or cause them to spaz. PH2 and TSS 1 is important for me for when things go bad before I escape and dip back into cloak. Not to mention PH2 for tractor beam escape. TSS 1 is there for when I do linger in a fight longer than I should, and the shields need a boost before I get out of the fight. But to cut down to the chase without making a novel, outside the obvious offense abilities, I put a premium on enough skills for short term survivability, escape, and repairing myself. The ET is of course useful when I zoom by and quickly land a repair on a troubled teammate.

P.S. - I figure one could put a TAC BOFF for the Commander slot. If so, I'd put an Attack Pattern in there to boost attack power up some more. The Science one I'd move to LtCmdr slot, but at least have Gravity Well 1 in there.

P.S.S. - With the beginner setup, you're not going to be dominating the PvP battlefield. You will cause trouble, and a well placed strike punctuated at the end with Tricobalt / Bio-Neural Warhead will be potent. You should be working towards higher end torpedoes, whatever that may be. But with the beginner's setup, you will get the feel of how to operate the B'Rel Torpedo Boat, and that's important.

Forward Weapons
Transphasic x2, Quantum, Bio-Neural Warhead
Aft Weapons
Transphasic Mine, Photon Torp
Comments: Pretty important to have a variety of torpedoes due to the shared cooldowns. There is a shared CD between torpedoes in general, but it's small. The Transphasic and Quantum weaponry should be easily available at LtGen. The Bio-Neural Warhead is off a C-Store ship, and it is awesome since it is shielded and armored and will shoot towards the target. If you don't want to expend Cryptic Points, Tricobalt Torpedo is a viable, hard hitting, yet cheaper alternative. It can be targetted on the way in and does not have the shields / armor of Bio-Neural Warhead. Regardless, try to send off the Bio-Neural or Tricobalt Torp in close proximity. A warning though: You should NOT have Tricobalt weapons AND Bio-Neural Warhead on the ship, because they share a rather long cooldown. Another warning about the Bio-Neural is that it seems to have a minimum distance to target before you can't fire until more space is between you and the target.

Deflector - Graviton Deflector Array with Particle Gen & Gravity Well add-ons ( [PrtG] and [Gra] )
Comment: Solely to produce better Gravity Well effects.

Tac Consoles - Warhead Yield Chamber x3
Eng Consoles - Injector Assembly, Booster Modulator, Neutronium Alloy
Sci Consoles - Graviton Gen, Particle Gen x2
Comment: For the Tac Consoles, due to using a variety of torpedoes, it's critical to use these specific ones since they provide generic Torpedo Damage bonuses. Science? Only to produce stronger Gravity Well effects. Engineer? Not 100% settled. The armor is for insurance for when I do get popped out of stealth or someone gets a lucky shot off at me while I'm escaping. Combine this with Polarize Hull and TSS if shields are back online, and Emergency Power to Engines + Eng.Battery to get me the hell out of danger and dip back into cloak. The other 2 Eng.Consoles though can still be swapped, but I'm content for a boost in Engine & Aux Power. I could do Booster Modulator x2 for more Aux Power. Weapon Power? Minimize it, you don't need it, Torpedoes draw no power like Energy weapons do.

What I now have with weapons after some missions & work:
Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo, Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo (cool looking, IMO), Hargh'peng Torpedo, Bio-Neural Warhead
Aft is the same as before.
Comment: You can do some specific PvE missions to acquire the Rapid Reload Transphasic and Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedoes. I do love the way the Breen Cluster looks inbound to target, and just as important, alot of sh*t on the screen to hopefully distract the enemy even more. I finally acquired the Hargh'peng Torpedo from a DOFF mission in Eta Eridani Sector. The Hargh'peng Torp is an important addition since it does not rely on BOFF abilities like HYT for potency. Just fire, and that's it. So of the 4 launchers up front, 2 do not rely on abilities (the other is Bio-Neural Warhead). The Bio-Neural Warhead stays. I also could switch the Aft Photon for a Quantum. The Transphasic Mines are to be released as close as possible to the target.

Still practicing my attack runs and timing. The various weapon releases need more attention than the average Escort attack run because you're dealing with a wide variety of torpedoes and weapon travel speeds. I do want to get the level of ownage that the OP does though. That's my ideal

The general intent is to maximize the Enhanced Battlefield Cloak unique to the B'Rel Refit. You drop out of cloak when releasing weapons, and back into cloak soon. The ideal is to overwhelm the senses of the target by having him consider way too many things. Gravity Well, alot of torpedoes incoming, alot of Transphasic Mines dropping (Breen Cluster + Mine Launcher). The Bio-Neural acts as the final, killer blow. All this acts to try to overwhelm the target, and if it doesn't work, it should distract him enough for you to escape and recloak. Also, the importance of all those Transphasic Mines being dropped (launcher and Breen Cluster) is that these individually targetable mines mask the incoming Bio-Neural Warhead / Tricobalt Torpedo (if that's the route you take) so that they strike with impunity. The armor and shields of the Bio-Neural Warhead is added insurance that the payload gets to the target unmolested.

Lastly, compared to even "traditional" BoP flying, the B'Rel Torpedo Boat I fly stays cloaked like 98% of the time. The only time the cloak comes off is when I release torpedoes. But you don't need to manually turn it off, it does it on its own, and recloaks you 3 seconds after you stop firing your torpedoes. Dropping mines does not decloak you, if that's what you only intend to do for the moment. Activating certain skills that land an effect on a target will drop the cloak as if firing, such as Gravity Well.

It's a fun build, IMO. Like I said, I'm not in the level of striking power as the OP, but I can get some devastating strikes in and annihalate an unwary cruiser if I get all my ducks lined up right. It flies very differently even from the already unique style of general BoP's.