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05-28-2012, 11:41 PM
I think it's my worst experience.
The easiest. The Cure Space Normal.
It began really nice. Everyone said Hi.
I went on the right killing node. With some guy we deal the first cube. We started the second cube. But it seems the guy who protects the Kang forgot to say help. 3 players helped him. The made the place clean and they went back to kill the second cube. We started the third cube. Suddenly. Time over. We lost optionnals.
A player said that we are moron because we lost time to protect the kang and he left. some one followed him.
So then there was 3 people left: 2 klink (included me) and a tactical fed. The kilnk stayed to protect the kang while the tac and me we deal with negh'var and the cube. After this I thought. It's ok. I was wrong. We spend 45 minutes to kill the mob. Birds of prey popped again and again. At the end, it was impossible to approach the mobb. Too much bird of prey. We had to kill all of the bird of prey before to take care of the mob. I was tired.