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05-29-2012, 12:36 AM
Correct.. The Bird of Prey, as a ship, by it's self, is absolutely not Overpowered.

The Hegh'ta has less Hull then an Escort, even though it can fly like an Escort.. Why? Because it's a RAIDER class ship. Raiders should be played with a typical hit and run style vs any opponent that can do any good DPS against you. Meaning Escorts (mostly) and probobly Tac/?. Because Tacs in most ships, if done right, can eaisly be just a much a threat to a lone Hegh'ta.

B'rel-R has even less hull then the Hegh'ta. Again, this is a Raider class ship. And it has an advantage of being able to stay cloaked while fireing Torps, or some BO Powers revealing your self for a short time (Unless used on your self) with Mines being deployed and not revealing you. Again, as a Raider, you should be hiding and hitting and running. Attacking ONLY when you know you have a kill condition, and a way to survive any alphas that come your way the moment If/when you Decloak. Escorts are again the bane to the B'rel. Even more so then the other ships. Especially if flown by a Tac. And again Tacs and especially Sci's are a threat to the B'rel. Because of it's squishyness.

So what if both ships get Universal BO slots and an Escort's Firepower and Turn rate? It has less BO powers then any other ship in the game of the tier 5 range. It's Consoles are divied by 3 amongst the 3 areas. And it's Weapons set up is the SAME as a Tier 4 Defiant class Escort.

Best Classes for the Raider class? Tac or Sci. Engi shouldn't fly this ship unless it has a build that works with it. Despite an Engi being able to increase the Survivability of the Raider class ship, it's powers are better used else where.

Best Power on a BoP? Photonic Shockwave 1 or higher. Because this power can give you a way to stun your foe while providing an Alpha strike to the target and prevent the target from having enough time to deploy defenses if used wisely.

So, what have we learned from this rambling rant on the BoP?

The BoP is squishy and gives up alot for it's ability to strike a foe in the way that it can. The BoP's Fire power is no better then a Tier 4 Fed Escort. The BoP has the Least amount of BO Powers avaliable despite it's Universal Slots. And a good Escort or Sci can be deadly to a BoP.

Thank you for reading this post, and enjoy the massively repeated information. :p