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05-29-2012, 03:19 AM
I agree BOPs are still pretty much best ship in game (although carrier with elite pets are pretty much op just now)

BOPS have been causing balance problems since launch due to the universal BOFF slots and for most of the time due to this have been the most powerful ship in through out the games history.

For most of the games history they have had best tanking to DPS ratio , amusing for a ship meant to be hit and run.

They have often indirectly been the cause of many science nerfs due to being able to use the better sci skills with high fire power.

The Universal Boff slots lent them selves to the Voldermort bug, so for quite long periods we had Volderbops flying about spaming ALL the powers on ALL your bridge officers, not just the ones you had equipped,

It's just been poor design we should never have had universal BOFF slots, they just cause problems.