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05-29-2012, 05:59 AM
Yeah I never understood why people are like "omg bop is op op op!"

Frankly, if the bop doesn't kill me on his initial run, he's toast.
I fly Cruisers, Escorts and sci ships. Each of which is more than capable of withstanding bop fire.
Sure the BOP can take a hit or maybe two. But it's not going to take 3, or 4 hard smacks to the face. The Bop is a raider craft, however Escorts, and Cruisers in particular are full on Battleships.

Personally I prefer my Vorcha on the klink side of things. It's very robust, has a good turn rate, and can still do a pretty good clip for an alpha strike. And as I'm finishing my run I can set the stage with warp plas, for the bops or raptors to come in and get all rapey.