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05-29-2012, 06:08 AM
No offence, but this makes me lol anytime somebody tries a torpedo build...

Anyway; after reviewing your boffs and weapons I noticed one thing...

You installed a single beam array (which is not bad...) BUT you are using BFAW with a single beam array? Ok, I can understand why, probably for those pesky heavy torpedoes... Those plasma torps can also be targeted by the breen cluster torpedo, so no real need for the single array + BFAW imo.

I'd recommend to go for Beam Overload 2 for max spike damage with your beam array; your crowd control ability is already in your torpedo buffs (Torpedo Spread).

But I would also turn two ability's around; I would suggest removing torp spread 1 and torpedo high yield2 (well, actually switching places - HYT1 for ensign tac and Torpedo spread 2 as Lt tac)
Because Torpedo spread 1 is a bit pitifull, as it only fires 4 or 5 torpedoes per spread, and that is nothing. I think you be better of with those 2 switched around.

High Yield Torpedo 1 fires 2 torpedoes, and that can give some decent damage whereas torp spread 1 only does minimum damage.

I do apologize, for I dont have any numbers to back me up. I am only speaking from experience...

PS; I have run my free odyssey in the beginning with 4 torps and 4 beam array's... It was fun, but still in the end I didnt do that much damage (though I had some mixed results in ker'rat when I was still playing there... )

have fun

pss: I am actually wondering how much damage you do with your transphasic torpedoes (breen set + 3 transphasic consoles... that is atleast 22% per console... + 26 from the breen set...)
I am asking this because I am also a fan of transphasic weapons; including mines though I like plasma mines aswell...