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05-29-2012, 10:02 AM
I pretty much agree with everything USS_Ultimatum has to say.

I run the 2 Torps fore 6 Beam method for STF as you can tilt the ship and get 6 beams and both tubes on the gate or Generator.

But if you going to tank, having multiple tubes forward is a bad idea as you generally want to be moving at all times for the defence bonus. Just move a torpedo to the back for the boss.

If you really want DBB's on the front your kind of limited to running turrets on the back. Not really an ideal setup. You could try Single Cannons on the front and Turrets on the Back and run two CRF's.

And while Phasers are a great weapon in STFs they tend to suck as the Borg are immune to the Proc, making every other weapon better than them.

Oh and if you want to keep it Canon, run Photons they do less damage per torpedo but more DPS than the Quantums due to the higher firing rate and with two tubes and two purple Doffs, I get a fantastic stream of Torpedoes.