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# 4 I hate to disappoint you...
05-29-2012, 11:32 AM
but this is a completely untenable build.

First, why T3? get a T5 ship before you even begin. (This of course assumes you are VA).

Second, while torps are great fun to watch and hear go off, they do VERY little damage if the target has ANY shields. The only time this build can contribute to the team in PVP or PVE is when your teammates have stripped the shields of the target and you happen to get a perfectly timed shot to hit before the target's shields regenerate.

The contribution this build can make to accomplishing a PVP win or an STF completion is negligible at best. Don't take this build into any STF or PVP match (unless I'm on the other side).

I really don't want to be personally harsh, but this is a bad idea.