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# 6 U.S.S. Lachrymose
05-29-2012, 01:18 PM
I'm a Tac Captain in Excelsior Retrofit and I can tell you this ship kicks a lot of @$$.

Keep in mind I use her primarily for PVE, not PVP.... but in the PVP I've done she is hard to kill.

I will log on tonight and get you my exact current build. In the meantime, from memory:
All my energy weapons are Tetryon. My tactical consoles are all XI Tetryon boosters (no torp consoles).
Up front, I run Dual Beam Bank, Beam Array, Quantum Torp, and I think a single cannon.
Aft, I have quantum torp, and 2 turrets.
These are the purple Borg versions, mostly mark XI.

I do believe I run the Borg set except for Omega shields. To be honest, I do this because someone told me it was a good idea, not because it is any better than full Omega or full MACO.

Her turn rate is quite high for a cruiser. You'll be facing your target(s) 80% of the time. I usually only turn around to fire the aft torpedo while the fore is on cool-down. You can use those engineering slots and consoles to keep your weapon and shield power UP.

I do not broadside in my Excelsior. I equip and fly her as if she were an escort.

Ran Cure Elite a few nights ago and we finished with 5 mins to spare. My ship, the U.S.S. Lachrymose, was definitely a big contributor to that. (It also helps to have a Vo'Quv on Kang defense!)

I want to stress that I first purchased and built up this ship before I knew what I was doing in STO. So not everything is maxed out like it could be, but she's still a beast!