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05-29-2012, 12:25 PM
Those are some typical cruiser configurations. I have seen two unusual setups for Tac Excelsior Retrofits with very good focused DPS...

All energy weapons are Tetryon.

#1 Pew Pew Build

Fore 4X Cannons
Aft 4X Turrets
Eng Console 1RCS, 3 Neutronium
Tac Console 3 Tetryon + Damage
BOFF TAC: Tac Team1, C:RF1, C:RF2

The rest as usual. Heavily focused firepower, similar to the usual all dhc escort build. Just use both Cannon: Rapid fire and pew pew away.

#2 Torpedo Build
Fore 1 X DBB 3 X Quantum
Aft 4 X turrets

Eng console 2 RCS, 2 Neutronium
Tac console:3 zero point quantum chamber

3x projectile DOFF for extra torp fire rate.

The single beam weapon on this ship works great with the two beam overloads to strip a target's shield, while the constant barrage of quantums does the rest. Use high yield 1 to finish. The two RCS consoles make the ship turn like an escort.
I am using this build myself with an aegis set and antiproton weapons and it is awesome, and a match for the DHC escort I was using before.