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05-29-2012, 02:56 PM
That all cannon/turret build sounds tempting. I was thinking about it with phasers..

I'm thinking of going 2x Quantum up front, and 2 beam arrays, with 1 quantum in the rear and 3 beams.

Or a combination of the two..

Maybe.. 2 Quantums and 2 cannons up front, with 1 beam, 1 quantum, and 2 turrets in the rear?

Hows that? It seems like i have a lot better arcs in all directions. 5 weapons broadside, 6 fore, 4 aft.

I may switch out a zero chamber quantum for another phaser relay then, for the cannons and turrets. I dont think im going to use Rapid fire though. Or should i? I'd like to keep both high yeld and spread, and i dont have many spots with my tac.