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05-29-2012, 03:48 PM
I'm afraid a torp build isn't really viable in PvP, especially at VA. Kinetic resists are very high in comparison to energy resists (since energy weapons generally have a much higher firing rate). By that I mean a 33% resist to energy and kinetic weapons will be far more detrimental to your projectile weapons because they fire much less. Also, just a slither of a shield will be enough to render a torp virtually impotent.

Then there's the MACO shields to consider which halves bleedthrough, making transphasics even less effective. At the end of the day, transphasics, especially the Breen trasnphasic cluster torp, is effectively useless for it's purpose.

What I'm basically saying is, is to give it up and go for a more generic escort build.

The only real effective torp build is one using chroniton torps, due to their speed debuff. However, that's less about dealing damage and more about debuffing opponents.