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05-29-2012, 05:12 PM
Alendiak, what do you think of my last suggestion? 2 Quantums and 2 cannons up front, with 1 beam, 1 quantum, and 2 turrets in the rear. With two phaser relays and one quantum. Ill switch out forfields and grab another field gen.

Science boff, Hazard emitters or science team? I've been wanting to use Hazard team for the borg shield neutrilizer, but they dont seem to affect me much.

How do i search the exhange for a boff with the desired skill?

What stats on weapons are generally more desired? acc, crith? etc

PvPed with a friend, and yeah, basically it was a war of attrition that he won, his sheilds outlasted mine, and i couldnt punch through his. Made me really consider science team and getting better weapon arcs. Drawing it out, Im only going to have 2 small blind spots in the rear with 3 weapons to bear on each side, otherwise I'm going to have a ton more to bear on most angles compared to now.