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05-29-2012, 05:42 PM
*Whistle blows* Attention on deck! *Crew stands at attention*.

For some of you, this is an occation of great sadness.
For some of you this is where you will see your career change for the better or worse.
But for all of you, this is where we part ways.

It has my personal honor to serve with so many fine men and women. I find myself at a loss for words as I myself come to a change in my career path. But allow me to re-assure you all. This is not the end. This is not the last time we will see eachother.
One thing we must all realise is that everything changes. For those of you who are familiar with the history of Earth I quote:
"Nothing is constant but change." - Sakyamuni, founder of Buddhism.

But even hearing those words I look at this crowed of faces in front of me now. I see sadness in your eyes. I treasure that you feel this way with my departure. But you should also feel glad, as my time as your captain has passed. It is now on your shoulders I place the responcibility of being the light in the dark times ahead of us. It is you who must now take upon yourself, the mantle of leadership. And with courage in your heart lead the coming generations to peace.
I must also mention how proud I am with every single member of my crew. You have performed well above and beyond the call of your duty. I am the one who should be saddend by leaving such a noble, and proud crew. A crew that even the admirals themselves should be so lucky to have at their back. I can without a moments doubt in my heart say I am proud of every one of you.

But with this brings my departure. I move onto a new command, and while I look forward to commanding a new, and larger crew. No one could replace the large portion of my heart you all now occupy.

We have dark times ahead of us. We will all experience grief, but we will also experience the joys ahead. New friendships that will define are lives. Love that will give us the hope, even when all other hope is snuffed out. And when the time comes, we will meet again, not as a captain to his crew, but as friends. Other captains, brothers, sisters. All bound in honor, blood, friendship and love.

And to this I say:
Be brave, be smart, stand firm. And carry on.