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# 1 DOFFs on Exchange Vanished
05-29-2012, 06:36 PM
Hello, all. I have filed an in-game ticket but am reaching out to the community to see whether this is a known issue.

I have been buying Holonovels from the Exchange in order to acquire the special photonic DOFFs. I received duplicates of Ghost of Hamlet's Father and Ophelia, so I put them on the Exchange.

Last week, they would be de-listed after a couple of days--they would still be for sale, but the Exchange was not showing them in search results (my price was not showing in the search). Today, these two DOFFs have simply disappeared. They are not listed as for sale, but my mail does not show a sale nor has my EC balance increased. They have simply vanished.

Any and all insight into this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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