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05-29-2012, 07:06 PM
Yeah, the B'rel and Hegh'ta have 21k and 24k base hull respectively IIRC. That's at least 6k less than an escort as far as I know. And you've got less boff slots. You've also got less firepower.

Part of the "it's OP!!!" is probably just down to the pilots. Having that kind of fragility forces you to get good, there's also a lot of help on hand between pilots sharing tricks in places like Ker'rat etc, so it's often well flown or abandoned in favour of another ship.

I also think BoPs have a sort of synergy with eachother, they can remain primarily tactical while having secondary skills that compliment eachother, so two BoPs can often be more than twice as dangerous as one if they're working together properly. This is all offset by the fragility and fewer boff skills, and if it goes wrong, you're gonna go up in smoke. Immobilization or a phaser proc on your shields and it's respawn time for you.